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Simulated Fish Filled With Catnip Cat Toy

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Don't you love it when your kitty gets all excited over a new toy? This simulated fish toy is stuffed with catnip and obsessed over by cats everywhere.

Have you ever noticed your furry friend just seems generally happier when they’ve got a new catnip toy? It’s not only because they enjoy the smells and tastes of the herb, but also because it physically makes them feel better. 

Catnip reduces feline stress which is actually quite common amongst cats. They’re odd (but lovely) little furballs and they like familiarity and routine. As soon as their routine gets interrupted, they become very anxious, in much the same way we become a bit on edge when something in our life changes! Our catnip filled fish toy is a healthy way to calm your kitty down and reduce effects of stress, anxiety, and depression.


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