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Self Watering Flower Pots (Set of 3)

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Do you worry about your plants while your away or on vacation? Our self-watering planters will give you peace of mind knowing that your plants are alive and nurtured for up to 15 days while you're away!

No maintenance needed, just add water once every couple of weeks and your plants will stay fresh and alive at all times, even in your absence!

The double layer design stores excess water in the bottom of the planter and provides it to your plants as needed.

The holes in the bottom of the basket are for optimal air circulation to keep roots healthier longer. 

Works great for both indoor and outdoor gardening, our self-watering planters come in 3 different sizes to suit all types of flowering, including bonsai, succulents, herbs, pothos, and hydroponics. A perfect match for potted plants, house plants, hanging plants and any other indoor or outdoor gardening.

Each refill will last between 5-15 days with added ventilation holes in the inner baskets to optimize airflow and maximize circulation.

Made from non-toxic BPA free PP thermoplastic, our durable self-watering planters do not break easily and will last you a lifetime.


For soil plants, to prevent water-logging and damaged roots the water level should not exceed the base of the inner basket.


  • 1 4.3-inch self-watering flower pot
  • 1 4.7-inch self-watering flower pot
  • 1 5-inch self-watering flower pot



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