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Gas Stove Protectors

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Do you enjoy a clean kitchen?

Keep your stove clean at all times with these SGS certified and FDA approved gas stove protectors. Say goodbye to messy food stuck under the stove that is hard to reach and difficult to clean. These reusable protectors will fit on any gas stove and keep it clean for years.

Made of durable glass fiber with a thick coat of Teflon that is 100% PFOA and BPA free of hazardous chemicals to keep your family safe at all times.

Think your stove is too hot for these protectors to handle? think again. Our protectors are made to withstand temperatures of more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit and perfect for any type of cooking!

Installation and cleaning are effortless, made with pre-cut centers that adjust to fit any stove size. Simply trim the liners with scissors before your first use to align with your stove and get the perfect fit. Cleaning is easier than ever once the protectors begin to look a bit dirty, remove the non-stick surface and wash with soap and water or place in the dishwasher. 


  • 4 Gas Stove Protectors - Approximate Size 270x270mm each


1. Trim Protector with scissors to fit your stove properly before use.

2. Place protectors under the burner grate of your gas stove below the flame.

3. Do not place protector directly on flame, it must be clear of any flame to prevent product damage.


Do not use proctors to cover the gas holes of the stove

Do not use above 260°C ( 500 °F)

Remove protectors before cleaning stove

Hirundo Gas Range Protectors, 6 packs

Hirundo Gas Range Protectors, 6 packs

Hirundo Gas Range Protectors, 6 packs


Hirundo Gas Range Protectors, 6 packs


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